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In a remote region of Guinea, West Africa, a desperately poor place with a long connection to gold, a large industrial gold mine has arrived. End of the Rainbow is an elegiac portrait of the changes brought by the mine, and of the universal human desire for a better life. How do local people respond to the opportunities and economic divisions the mine creates? How do the local jobseekers and expatriate staff, attracted by gold and the possibilities it offers, understand one another? In case of difficulties, the mine calls in the military. Conflict over the mine's presence is escalating. The gold will be dug from the ground, but at what cost? End of the Rainbow reveals a world that is changing forever, and portrays intimately the people who are grappling to respond to those changes.


  • Winner! First Appearance Award, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)
  • Winner! Maysles Award, Belfast International Film Festival
  • Winner! International Premiere, London One World Media Awards
  • Winner! Best Feature Documentary, VI Lisbon International Documentary Film Festival
  • Winner! Best International Feature, Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF)
  • Winner! Documentary Grand Prize, Amazonas Film Festival Brazil
  • Winner! Jury Prize Best Documentary, Festival International du Film des Droits de L'Homme (FIFDH) Paris
  • Special Mention! International Documentary Competition, Torino International Environmental Film Festival (Cinemambiente)

Official Selection
International Documentary Festival Amsterdam
Belfast International Film Festival
Paris Cinema du Reel
Prague One World
Warsaw Planete Doc
Zagreb Zabrebox
Sydney International Film Festival
Rhodes International Film & Video Arts Festival
Melbourne International Film Festival
Mexico International Film Festival (DOCSDF)
Sardinia Ethnographic Film Festival (SIEFF)
Istanbul 1001 International Documentary Film Festival
Vienna International Film Festival (Viennale)
Torino International Environmental Film Festival (Cinemambiente)
Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF)
Amazonas Film Festival Brazil
Festival International du Film des Droits de L'Homme (FIFDH) Paris
Global Visions Film Festival Canada
VI Lisbon International Documentary Film Festival
New Zealand Film Festival Trust
XII Festival Internacional de Cine de Punta Del Este, Uruguay


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