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Serge Ou

Serge was born in Geneva, his parents are of French, Armenian, Chinese and Russian background; he was educated in the United States before settling in Australia. Serge and business partner Michael Tear met at the University of Canberra, where Serge graduated in creative writing. The pair founded Bearcage Productions on completion of their studies.

Serge has a diverse and successful career as a director and has received many awards for his work. Most recently, Serge completed directing the 90 minute feature documentary The Digger (2011, History Channel) which premiered on ANZAC Day 2011. Serge has also directed the series As Australian As (2010, Bio Channel) and Blessed Mary: A Saint for All Australians (2010, History Channel) the highest rating program on the channel for 2010 and short-listed for a TV Week Logie Award. Serge's documentary For Valour (2009, History Channel) was also the highest rating show on the channel in the year of broadcast and received outstanding reviews nationally. Other work in documentary includes Icons (2007, Bio Channel) and the $1.5m multi-media theatre experience Circa for the National Museum of Australia.

Serge's commercial experience includes work for leading brands, ActewAGL, TransACT, Advil, Dimetapp, Mortgage Choice, Moove, Finish and Loctite.

Serge is a gifted drama director as the re-enacted scenes in his documentary work and numerous award winning short dramas demonstrate. The short film Shockwaves (2008) was selected in Official Competition in the Tampere, Boston, St Kilda and Revelations International Film Festivals and was nominated for 4 awards including best film and best director at the St Kilda Film Festival.



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