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Glenys Rowe

Glenys Rowe is a marketing strategist for premium visual arts, film and audio products. She is the CEO of Fine Poets P/L, responsible for the Jack Thompson Collection of Classic Poetry recordings, currently No 1, 2 & 3 best sellers in audio books in ABC Shops Australia wide.

She has produced feature films, commissioned television for SBS TV in her role as General Manager SBSi, and written and produced television commercials here and in Europe.



Why do we love our cars so much? Why do we, against all advice and obvious evidence, drive so dangerously? No one actually wants to have a crash but most of us, even if only occasionally, drive as if we do...


Morticians, embalmers and grave-diggers talk intimately about each stage of the journey from death to dirt, from expiry to exit...

GOD'S GIRLS: Stories from an Australian Convent »

GOD'S GIRLS describes life in a Sisters of Mercy convent in country New South Wales from the 1940s to the present day. In early times, the days were regimented to military precision - prayer, work, prayer and more work...


The Castanet Club started life in the gritty steel town of Newcastle, NSW, Australia, in 1982. The town was like a kind of artistic blast furnace as well...

JACK THOMPSON Live at the Gearin Hotel »

Australia's most loved actor reads Australia's most loved poems LIVE! The much loved Aussie actor Jack Thompson is in his element reading Australia's most loved classic poems in front of a live audience at the splendid art deco Gearin Hotel Katoomba NSW...