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Sharon Connolly

Sharon Connolly has been a member of the Board of Wide Angle Tasmania since incorporation on January 13th 2005. Sharon has more than 25 years experience in the Australian film and television industry. Currently Story Editor with ABC TV's Compass program, she has been a writer, script editor, director and producer of documentaries, TV drama, feature films and multimedia titles. Sharon has also held senior executive and board positions with Film Victoria and Film Australia Limited (now absorbed into Screen Australia). As Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Film Australia from 1997-2004 she led the company through a major and successful repositioning, overseeing production of some its highest profile titles, whilst restructuring the company's operations and restoring the company to financial health. She holds a BA (Hons) and a Diploma of Education. Sharon brings extensive corporate governance and management skills to the WAT board, as well as a breadth of knowledge and experience of screen culture, screen business and education.



Through the lives of three women, RED MATILDAS explores the social and political conditions in Australia during the Great Depression - conditions of massive unemployment, widespread malnutrition and growing militarism at home and abroad - that provoked many people to political activity...

PAPER TRAIL: The Life and Times of a Woodchip »

The PAPER TRAIL, which begins in the forests of Australia, travels to Japan's industrial centres and leads to factories, department stores and rubbish dumps from Melbourne to Tokyo...


The film follows Queensland's Supreme Court to Murray Island, the centre of a legal battle which forever altered relationships between black and white in Australia...


Originally released in 1989, this disturbing documentary looks at a little known aspect of Australian wartime history. Scientists, laboratory staff and military volunteers recount experiences with the Australian Chemical Warfare Unit, which, with the active involvement of both British and American resources and personnel, tested mustard gas in Queensland during the Second World War...