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Kaye Harrison

Kaye Harrison is an independent documentary filmmaker who explores complex topics in an engaging and illuminating way.

Working mostly as an observational DOP/director, Kaye develops strong relationships of trust with her participants, and this translates into a powerful intimacy in her films. Her vision is to represent her subjects with integrity and compassion so that their stories might open the hearts and minds of the audience.

Kaye was director/DOP of the award-winning documentary Crossing the Line (2005 ABC) that explored the challenges surrounding indigenous health through the eyes of two young non-indigenous medical students.

Her second 1 hour documentary, The Long Goodbye (2010 ABC) explored the journeys of three families, each a loved one living with dementia.

Her acclaimed feature documentary The Sunnyboy (2013 ABC) about Jeremy Oxley, front man of the 80's band the Sunnyboys and his battle with schizophrenia, premiered at the Vivid/Sydney Film Festival as a finalist in the Foxtel Australian Documentary competition. The Sunnyboy also had a successful cinema release and outreach campaign partnering with numerous mental health organisations around the country.

The Troublesome Priest (2017, ABC Compass) followed controversial Anglican Priest father Rod Bower, well known for the messages on his church sign that he shares via social media.

Kaye's documentary feature, Sanctuary, an intimate portrait of a young Iraqi man who traverses the world in search of asylum had its world premiere at the 2019 Sydney Film Festival where it also screened as a finalist in the Documentary Australia Foundation competition for Best Australian Documentary where it received a special mention.

Kaye received the 2019 NSW Humanitarian Award for outstanding achievement in Media from STARTTS and the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) as director of Sanctuary.

Kaye's documentary, Music Central (ABC Compass, 2023) was inspired by her love of music and how it boosts the wellbeing of individuals and communities living in her local area, the NSW Central Coast.

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CROSSING THE LINE follows the journeys of two young medical students, Amy and Paul, who leave their safe middle class homes and university behind to be thrust into the harsh reality of everyday life on Mornington Island...


Our brain makes us who we are, it gives us our memories, our ability to think, to understand the world around us and it gives us our sense of self...


Director's Cut - not abridged for TV. Father Rod Bower is an Anglican priest who believes that Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers has put the soul of the nation in peril; that as we diminish the humanity of others, we are diminishing our own humanity...


NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD and as a digital file for Educational use. For enquiries contact -------------------------------- MUSIC CENTRAL explores the power of music to create connection and healing...