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Graeme Isaac

Graeme Isaac has worked over 25 years in a wide variety of roles within the Australian film industry, as a writer, producer, script editor, and music producer. His films have won many awards both here and overseas. His last documentary DHAKIYARR VS THE KING won the 2004 Rouben Mamoulian Award at the Sydney Film Festival, and was a finalist in the World Documentaries Competition at the Sundance Film Festival.

Graeme has an extensive background in cross-cultural projects and has produced many films in collaboration with Aboriginal communities and with Aboriginal filmmakers. He has also worked in Indonesia and facilitated the post production in Australia of 3 Indonesian feature films, the first and only Indonesian films to have screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

In the 70's he was a member of the Australian Performing Group (Pram Factory), a founding member of Circus Oz, and played with the band Captain Matchbox.



ROUGH RIDERS presents a view of country life that city folk are barely aware of and are unlikely ever to experience. The film provides an insight into an extraordinary world that lies beyond the highway...


The story of the 1916 massacre of Aboriginal people at Mowla Bluff, Western Australia, told in interviews with surviving Nyikina, Mangala and Karajarri peoples, as well as through dramatised re-enactments of the testimonials of Aboriginal witnesses...


Three Aboriginal brothers run a cattle station in the Kimberley. They face drought, divided tribal loyalties, government bureaucracy, diamond-mining companies and fundamentalist Christianity while trying to keep traditional Aboriginal beliefs and customs alive for their children and future generations...


1857, Australia. In the cold, bleak terrain of the high country, a young black tracker, Jess, and his elderly sergeant move in on the trail of a killer...