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SMARTER COUNTRY, A - creating the future

Year: 2014

Classification: Exempt - Ronin Recommends: G

Runtime: 55 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Margaret Anne Smith

Produced By: Margaret Anne Smith, Mark Hamlyn, Dr. Bill Parker

Language: English

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"A compelling view of the future advancing so much faster than we realise." - Robyn Williams, The Science Show, ABC.

"It's easy for people to sink into despair about the climate change evil genie being out of the bottle. But this film is simply inspiring in its coverage of the many ways governments and individuals can make big differences."
- Professor Simon Chapman, Public Health, University of Sydney.


In a climate of uncertainly, green pioneers are pushing ahead with their visions of the future.

Many citizens have limited knowledge of the opportunities that will come from taking a more creative approach to renewable energy, ecologically sustainable farming, greener buildings and lifestyles and other innovations. But despite this there is now a whole army of people urgently mapping the future.

This documentary follows four main characters, Sydney's Lord Mayor Clover Moore, Professor Tim Flannery, Senator Christine Milne, and the young Matthew Wright, founder of Beyond Zero Emissions, as they work to embrace change and educate the public.

It features past American vice President Al Gore, American President Barack Obama, Australian Prime Ministers Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt, and passionate advocates Professor Julian Cribb, Chris Dunstan, Dr. David Mills, Sylvia Tulloch, Al Gore and Cate Blanchett.

Through them we see exciting new possibilities including the Pixel Carbon Neutral Building, Dyesol, the University of NSW Solar PV School, Randwick TAFE, Capital Wind Farm, Liddell solar thermal plant, and the Institute of Sustainable Futures. Architects Richard Francis-Jones and Frank Gehry create aesthetic cutting edge designs, and Michael Mobbs creates a green street growing food in the city.

The documentary also examines our relationships with China and other countries and their efforts to use renewable energy. Australia now has a price on carbon, but proposals for expanded coal mines, coal seam gas and natural gas plants suggest business as usual.

Through A Smarter Country we glimpse a future that moves from old technologies to a world that could be more creative, sustainable and equitable, and the pioneering people who are intent on taking us there.

"A Smarter Country deserves to find a wide audience because it searches deeply into issues the general media can only skim past. And these are not matters for today or tomorrow - they are for all time." - Geoffrey Cousins, businessman & entrepreneur.

Director/Producer - Margaret Anne Smith
Associate Producers - Mark Hamlyn and Dr Bill Parker

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