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Year: 2010

Classification: G

Runtime: 77 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Robert Nugent

Produced By: Robert Nugent, Mitzi Goldman

Language: English


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The war against locusts is as old as human civilisation. It is one of the universal stories we tell of our creation, lying deep within us. But where does the individual fit into this drama? What role does fate play and what role science?

The film follows the director's journey as he examines the complexity of the dramatic encounter between man and locust. Do we live outside or inside nature, and who is hunting who?

  • Official Selection Margaret Mead Film Festival
  • Official Selection HOTDOCS Film Festival
  • Official Selection Competition for Green Screen Documentary IDFA 2010
  • Official Selection International Documentary Forum Beijing (iDOCS)
  • Official Selection Mostra de Ciencia e Cinema, Spain
  • Official Selection FIPA Film Festival
  • Official Selection Canberra International Film Festival
  • Official Selection Antenna International Documentary Film Festival


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