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Year: 1980

Classification: G

Runtime: 14 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Solrun Hoaas

Produced By: Solrun Hoaas

Language: No dialogue

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NOW DIGITALLY REMASTERED. EFFACEMENT shows a Japanese Noh maskmaker, Taniguchi Akiko, at work on her masks in her Tokyo studio. She carves the mask, paints it and moves it in the pace of an actor's movements on the traditional Noh stage.

The film emphasises the relationship between the maskmaker and her mask. It experiments with the visual and dramatic potential in Noh and in the mask, moving toward abstraction as the mask appears and reappears in the reflection of a tree, its original substance.

The soundtrack is filled with wood sounds - tools against wood, and the percussion of wooden clappers.

A film by Solrun Hoaas

"Beautifully done, subtle, elegant, and full of quiet meanings." - Peter Grilli, Japan Film Center, New York.