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CHEEKY DOG [from the CAAMA Collection]

Year: 2005

Classification: Exempt - Ronin Recommends: G

Runtime: 22 min

Produced In: English

Directed By: Dena Curtis

Produced By: Barbara Clifford

Language: English dialogue & narration

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Dion Beasley is an Indigenous teenager who is deaf and has muscular dystrophy. He lives with his family in Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. With help from his teachers and carers, including Joie Boulter, Dion is encouraged in his skill at drawing, particularly drawings expressing his fascination with dogs.

Joie and others launch the successful Cheeky Dog label in Darwin, using drawings by Dion on T-shirts and other product, with royalties going back to a trust fund set up for Dion's benefit. Dion's family hope that this business will create security and financial stability for his future. At the same time, the designs are a striking vehicle for Dion's distinctive talent and his sense of humour.

This delightful portrait of Dion and his talent is laced with charming sequences in which his drawings are animated.

Director - Dena Curtis
Editor - Dena Curtis
Camera Operator - Robyn Nardoo
Sound Recordist - Robyn Nardoo
Executive Producer - Sonja Dare

Music Composed by Sjamsuddin
Animation - Sonja Dare
Drawings by Dion Beasley

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