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Alec Morgan

Alec Morgan is a multi-award winning filmmaker with productions that have screened at over 50 film festivals, in cinemas and on television in many countries. His documentary credits include the landmark production Lousy Little Sixpence, that exposed the story of the Stolen Generations and Admission Impossible that told the secret history of the White Australia Policy. His innovative hybrid feature Hunt Angels won 8 awards including 3 AACTA Awards and the prestigious Joan Long Award for contribution to Australian film history. He has worked with Indigenous filmmakers and communities on a number of archival productions including the highly acclaimed series First Australians. He has researched and conducted the repatriation of films and documents held in archives to communities throughout Australia for the purpose of identification and reinvesting them with Indigenous agency.

His latest short documentary Asio Makes A Movie is screened on-line by The Guardian. He has also written and directed two episodes of Australia In Colour, a television factual archival series broadcast on SBS in 2019, on Australia from Federation until 1975, a period that saw the breaking free of Great Britain, the rise and fall of the White Australia policy and developing multi-culturalism. He has also collaborated with Indigenous opera singer Tiriki Onus on Ablaze, a feature documentary about the search for the 'lost films' made by Tiriki's remarkable Aboriginal grandfather and cultural activist, Yorta Yorta/Wiradjuri man, William 'Bill' Onus.



DIGITALLY RESTORED by the NFSA as part of the NFSA RESTORES program, in association with AIATSIS. In Australia in 1909, in the state of New South Wales, the Aborigines Protection Board planned to break up Aboriginal communities by forcibly removing their children and hiring them out as servants to white employers...