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Helen Gaynor

Helen Gaynor has been directing documentary and drama for Australian television screens for over twenty-five years.

Helen commenced her directing career in drama. She has directed some of Australia's best-known television series including Neighbours and Home and Away as well as high-end productions such as Big Sky and MDA.

Her documentary projects have been commissioned by major public broadcasters and she is sought after by major producers as a director/shooter for major documentary series.

She has combined her directing work with a teaching career that has taken her from the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) to the International School of Film and TV (EICTV) in Cuba. She is in the final stages of her Masters at the film school at the University of Melbourne.

Helen was born in Melbourne on 7 December 1958. She is married to Arpad Mihaly with whom she has two daughters, Zsuzsa (13) and Roza (7). She lives in the inner city Melbourne suburb of Northcote and combines her directing work with teaching, studying and parenting.



A film that explores the Victorian criminal justice system via the experiences of three criminal defence lawyers. Their journey takes us from interview room to supreme court, and into their own lives as they strive to maintain the principles of the right to defence and the presumption of innocence in an increasingly pressurised legal system...


From New York to Hobart, and from the darkest jails and prison ships of England to the penal colony of Port Arthur, THE FIRST FAGIN brings to life the passionate love and dramatic adventures of Ikey Solomon, family man, fence, and Charles Dickens' inspiration for the character of Fagin in Oliver Twist...