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Mehmet Aktas

Mehmet Aktas (born in 1966 in Igdir, Turkey) is a Kurdish film producer, author and journalist living in Berlin, Germany.

Aktas is founder and CEO of the Berlin based production and distribution company mîtosfilm. Mîtosfilm is well known for young Turkish, Kurdish, Iraqi and Iranian cinema with a political and socio-critical aim.

Aktas achieved success as producer for films including No one knows about Persian Cats (2009)by Bahman Ghobadi, Aprés la Chute (2009) by Hiner Saleem, Song of my Mother (2014) by Erol Mintas and Memories on Stone (2014) by Shawkat Amin Korki. His co-production Before Snowfall (2013) by Hisham Zaman was awarded as Best Nordic Film at Goteborg Film Festival 2014 and released in German cinemas in 2014.

Mehmet Aktas is also known for his work as an author. He wrote the screenplay for Hisham Zaman's second feature film Letter to the King (2014) in collaboration with the director and won the Amanda Award (2014) for Best Screenplay. The film was also honoured as the Best Nordic Film at Goteborg Film Festival and won the Fipresci Prize at the Lecce Festival of European Cinema 2014.



Winner! UNESCO Prize at Asia Pacific Screen Academy awards 2014. Winner! Best Film of the Arab World, Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2014...