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Ronin Films


Bevan Childs

After a twenty year history in Australian feature film and television drama industry, Bevan Childs joined Judy Rymer to form Rymer Childs in 2002. Since 2003 they have made MESSAGE FROM MOREE ABC, ALL POINTS OF THE COMPASS ABC/BBCScotland BEING CHEN KAIGE Discovery Asia, FRANK AND DAZ TAKE ON THE WORLD, SBS/BBCScotland.

The company is currently developing projects with the ABC, TVNZ, BBC Scotland, France 5 and National Geographic. Their most recent production, RISKING OUR KIDS is for ABC Australia and concerns the views of leading Australian scientist, Fiona Stanley on the health of Australian children.



Fiona Stanley puts forward a powerful argument for the need to protect the future of our kids. A spark ignited in Fiona Stanley, when as a young medical intern, she was unable to improve the health of a young Aboriginal boy because of the environment he lived in...


The participants of PUNISHED NOT PROTECTED are open in their criticisms of current government policy and the lack of momentum to move on an alternate, more just and humane policy...