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Kumut Imesh

Originally from the Ivory Coast in West Africa, Kumut Imesh was forced to flee civil war in his country in 2004. Seeking a peaceful and safe place to live, he began the long journey across the African continent before finally arriving in Morocco, where he spent 7 years. While in Morocco he worked closely with NGOs and associations working closely with other migrants, providing support and assistance.

In 2013 he met the film director David Fedele in Morocco, and he worked as the translator for the film "The Land Between". During this time, Kumut developed a very keen interest in documentary filmmaking, especially the potential to tell stories from an African perspective, and the original idea to make a film retracing his journey across Africa was born.

In 2014 Kumut arrived in Europe, and was granted asylum. He currently lives as a refugee France, working as a webmaster. He is also the founder and president of ACSORE (Actions of Solidarity for Refugees), an association in France that works for the social and educational integration of asylum seekers and refugees.

REVENIR is Kumut's first film.


REVENIR (To Return) »

For years, stories of West African migrants and refugees have been told through the lenses of foreign journalists. Revenir is a story from the inside: a bold new documentary by Australian filmmaker David Fedele in collaboration with Kumut Imesh, a refugee from the Ivory Coast now living in Paris...