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Priscilla Collins

Priscilla Collins has been a producer at CAAMA Productions in Central Australia for ten years. After completing her Master of Arts in Producing at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, she returned to CAAMA Productions in 2000 as executive producer.

Priscilla was executive producer of Series Four of the National Indigenous Documentary Fund (NIDF), broadcast on ABC Television and series producer of NIDF Series One to Three, which were broadcast on ABC and SBS.



BIG GIRL'S DON'T CRY is about the strength and resilience of three people and their families coping with end-stage renal failure...

FIVE SEASONS [from the CAAMA Collection] »

The Numurindi people have developed a culture where all things past and present, including the weather, are interrelated...

COLD TURKEY [from the CAAMA Collection] »

COLD TURKEY is a short drama produced for SBS Independent, about two brothers and their journey into a long night of desperate living in Alice Springs...

JABIRU 0886: TRESPASS [from the CAAMA Collection] »

JABIRU 0886: TRESPASS tells the story of the opposition by the Mirarr people to uranium mining operations in the Kakadu National Park area...