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Mira Soulio

Mira Soulio is an independent filmmaker, camera operator and photographer. She has spent several years training in the film industry and completed an Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media (Cinematography) in 2012. She currently works as a freelance camera assistant and operator. Her first documentary was titled The City, The Street, and screened in 2012 at the National Gallery of Australia as part of events surrounding an exhibition on the work of photographer Carol Jerrems. Mira is currently developing a project with Indigenous elder Tauto Sansbury in relation to women's stories and the impact of suicide on their lives.


STILL POINT, THE - Photography of Robert McFarlane »

The Still Point explores the life’s work of one of Australia's most respected and pioneering documentary photographers...


See THE STILL POINT - PHOTOGRAPHY OF ROBERT McFARLANE: ----------------------------------------------------- ABOUT ROBERT McFARLANE Robert McFarlane was born in Adelaide in 1942 and has been a documentary photographer for more than four decades, specialising in social issues and documenting performance in film and theatre, mostly within Australia...