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Fadle El Harris

Fadle Fred El Harris is an award winning filmmaker, originally trained in animation, he later extended his talent to include live action film and documentary making. His most recent projects include an enormous 26 episode series The Wildlife Man featuring David Ireland, which has been nominated for several awards including the Australian TV-week Logies. The series was also screened regularly on channel 9 and sold to the world's biggest and most stringent documentary buyers including Discovery HD in North America, and translated to many languages throughout Europe and Asia. Furthermore, he has worked on countless educational films, feature scripts and some independent documentaries.

Fred has completed a certificate in animation and a certificate in film and television production at TAFE NSW and continued his education studying a Bachelor of Art Education at the NSW University and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (specialising in film production, at University of NSW). Fred has served as an inspiration to young people where he has taught editing and filmmaking at dozens of community workshops, TAFE NSW and Metro Screen College.



This documentary film explores life as an Afghan cameleer in a camel carrying industry that flourished in the Australian outback from the 1840s onwards, finally declining into insignificance as late as the 1930s...