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Marsha Emerman

Marsha Emerman makes documentary films on the arts, human rights and social issues for Australian and international audiences. On the Banks of the Tigris, her first feature documentary, reflects a continued keen interest in music, cultural identity, and telling stories that challenge misconceptions and open dialogue.

Children of the Crocodile, her award winning film on East Timor, aired nationally in Australia on SBS TV and screened in festivals worldwide. Lihok Pilipina, on women in the Philippines, and Intersections, on new migrants to Australia, are among films she has made for aid and human rights groups.

Marsha has an MA in Cinema from San Francisco State University and worked on such classic films as Dark Circle, The Day After Trinity and The Fall of the I-Hotel. In 1989 she migrated to Australia, where she teaches documentary at the VCA School of Film and TV. She writes, produces and directs projects through her company Fruitful Films.



A musical odyssey that uncovers the hidden – and almost erased – story of Iraqi music. As a young boy, Majid Shokor loved singing and listening to music in the cafes and markets of Baghdad...