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Ronin Films


Chris Bamford

Chris is an award-winning director and editor who joined Bearcage in 1999 after studying Media and Communications at the University of Canberra. As director and editor Chris' work includes The Story of Australia (CCTV9, 2013, co-directed with Serge Ou), The Irish In Australia (History Channel, 2011) and The Strong Men Of Nguiu (ABC, 2007). As an editor Chris's recent work includes Who We Are – In Sport (Bio Channel, 2011), The Digger (History Channel, 2011), Blessed Mary: A Saint for All Australians (History Channel, 2010), For Valour (History Channel, 2010) and As Australian As (Bio Channel, 2010). Chris' awards include best editing for the short drama Shockwaves at the 2008 St Kilda Film Festival.



The problems that confront the remote communities on the Tiwi Islands of the Torres Strait are similar to those that confront young people everywhere – but isolation and a lack of things to do make the young people of these communities particularly vulnerable to crime and substance abuse...


An inspiring film about a unique Islamic Cultural Centre: a place of worship and of study, a library and a centre of learning, it is also a building where families gather, an integral part of a community that speaks more than thirty languages, comes from more than forty countries and shares a single faith...


The selection of more than 200 artworks for the Australia exhibition at London’s Royal Academy of Arts was not without controversy...