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Anne Tsoulis

Anne is an experienced and accredited writer, director, script editor and producer for feature films, television and digital new media.

She was script editor for the 2hr documentary, BREAKER MORANT: The Retrial (Foxtel release Nov 11th) and commissioned writer for the short feature MAURICE'S SYMPHONY.

Her produced feature film, I'LL MAKE YOU HAPPY, financed through the New Zealand Film Commission, has been sold and shown on multiple screens and territories around the world, including USA and UK. It was also nominated for a series of awards at the NZ Nokia Film Awards, including best original screenplay. She has a number of filmscripts in various stages of development supported by Screen Australia, South Australian Film Corporation and Screen NSW. Her latest feature film script WILL AND HARRY (SAFC) received a High Commendation from the SA Premier's Literary Awards. Anne also wrote/directed and produced the short feature, EDDIE THE UNBELIEVABLE, distributed and sold internationally. Anne is also a Literature grant recipient from SA Arts for the novel, AMANA, an adaptation of her screenplay, THE WATCH HOUSE (SAFC funded).

Anne is the accredited script editor of the produced feature films, LIKE MINDS ($13mln UK/Aust production), ROADMAN and script consultant for FAMILY DEMONS along with a number of award-winning short films. She has script edited over fifteen feature films both in Australia, Europe and the US. In 2005 Anne worked as a commissioned writer and script editor on feature film projects developed by production houses in Helsinki and Athens, including Lars Von Tries company, Zentropa (IDI MY LOVE), supported by the European Community Film Fund. In 2008 she was a commissioned script editor and then writer for the US feature film THE MADMAN'S TALE based on the best seller novel by John Katzenbach (Harts Law, Just Cause, The Analyst).

She has worked as an assessor/reader for Screen NSW, Screen Australia and SAFC. She was employment by the Australian Film Commission as Project Manager in Film Development and Production. Anne was the investment manager for the feature films, LA SPAGNOLA and SILENT PARTNER along with numerous short features, animations and documentaries and was in charge of documentaries for the Sydney office.

Between 2000-2005 she sat on the SAFC Industry Development Committee and in 2007 was an inaugural committee member responsible for setting up the SA Industry Council.

Additionally, Anne has extensive credits in new media as a writer/director and content creator of interactive on-line dramas, games and mobile content for cross-platform deliveries. She was the principle content creator/director/ producer for MSN On-line interactive dramas and factual for both the youth and adult market. In 2005 she was awarded an AFC Internship to travel to Europe to further her knowledge in digital media with a focus on writing for cross platform delivery. She was also a project participant of the XMedia Lab.


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