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Megan Douglas

Megan has worked in television production for eighteen years as a researcher/writer, reporter, director, production manager, producer and executive producer. She is the managing director of Scottie Productions and has been involved in both mainstream and Māori programming over the course of her career. For the past five years Megan has focused predominantly on telling Māori stories in her role as a producer. Megan has a strong sense of story and an ability to deliver a programme with appeal to a broad New Zealand audience. Her recent credits include:-

Whare Māori - Producer – 13 x ½ Hour Documentary Series – Māori Television (NZ ON Air Funded) An overview of Māori architecture through the ages – presented by Rau Hoskins.
Tamariki Ora – Producer - 3 x 1 Hour Documentary Series - Māori Television (NZ ON Air Funded). A three hour documentary special focused on child abuse in New Zealand.
Raising the Moko – Producer - 1 Hour Documentary - Māori Television (NZ ON Air Funded) A look at the lives of grandparents raising their grandchildren.
Tamaiti – Producer - 24 x ½ Hour Parenting Series - Māori Television (TMP Funded). Observational reality parenting series.
Rural Drift – Producer – 6 x ½ Hour Comedy Series – TVNZ – Mockumentary comedy series.
X Pēpi- 48 x half hour episodes observational reality series/ including 12 x half hour studio based/shows – Winner Best Information Programme Qantas Media Awards 2005



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