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Ronin Films


Kathleen Mantel

Kathleen is an experienced documentary director with a keen editorial eye. She is adept at instilling emotional content into a narrative and, with her ability to connect with talent, Kathleen has consistently created documentaries that audiences can relate to. Kathleen also has experience dealing with issue based subjects including problem gambling, child abuse, gambling and smoking.

Tamariki Ora – Director- 3 x 1 Hour Documentary Series - Māori Television (NZ ON Air Funded). A three hour documentary special focused on child abuse in New Zealand.
InBeTWEEN - TVNZ show for tweens
Dying for a Smoke – Smoking kills 5000 New Zealanders every year – TV3
Raising the Moko – Grandparents who raise their grandchildren – Maori Television
Leaving the Exclusive Brethren – Emerging from the fundamental sect - TV3
Easy Money – Moneylenders are sprouting like weeds in low-income areas - TV3
Crowded House – a growing number of adult children still live with their parents - TV1
It's Not a Game – Pokie machines are turning thousands of kiwis into problem gamblers - TV1
KIDS – The Story of Teenage pregnancy - TV2
BUSTED – car thieves get busted
WOF - health series
TAMAITI – parenting show
CRIME SCENE 1 – crime show



Joe Harawira is like New Zealand’s home-grown version of Erin Brockovich. He’s a man who fought the powers of industry and government ...