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LAND MINES - a love story

Year: 2005

Classification: PG

Runtime: 73 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Dennis O'Rourke

Produced By: Dennis O'Rourke


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LAND MINES - a love story tells the story of Habiba and Shah who, because of the wars fought in Afghanistan over the past 25 years, have experienced immense suffering, but who have survived to show how it is possible to be brave and moral in this world of sanctioned violence and lies.

Shah, a former Mujaheddin soldier and land mine victim, works as a cobbler on the pavements of the ruined city of Kabul. One day, he noticed a pretty Tajik girl who had only one leg, and he began to court her. Amidst the chaos and violence, and despite all the obstacles of tradition and religion, Shah and Habiba were able to marry.

Part observational film and part essay driven by a polemic that is both angry and subtle LAND MINES - a love story is a damning portrayal of the human costs of war.

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  • WINNER! Best Documentary Award - 2005 AFI Awards.

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