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Year: 1980

Classification: G

Runtime: 56 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: John Darling, Lorne Blair

Produced By: John Darling

Language: English and Bahasa Indonesia

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A re-release of an acclaimed documentary classic by John Darling - A film about the life and death of the 116-year-old Balinese Master-Artist.

In April 1978, in a village situated in the fertile central hills of Bali, the island's greatest living artist died at the age of 116. Lempad's longevity was cause enough for wonder, but the magnificent body of art and architecture that he left behind is a greater tribute to an unusual man. He lived his creative life through the most traumatic century of Balinese history.

LEMPAD OF BALI tells the story of this remarkable person against the background of the island's changing fortunes over the past one hundred years. It begins by showing him just before his death and then follows the elaborate preparations for his cremation and the consequent release by fire of his spirit into the next world. A wide selection of Lempad's work is shown including the drawings, paintings, sculpture and architecture which have enriched the cultural life of Bali. As a counterpoint to the art, the story of the island itself is given through the use of archive film and photographs, including the several waves of invasions that it has experienced, occupation by the Dutch and the Japanese and, in more recent times, by international tourists.

The production of this DVD has been made possible by the generosity of the Australia -Indonesia Institute.

This DVD has both an English and a Bahasa Indonesia soundtrack.

"A stunning documentary" โ€“ Hollywood Reporter

"A documentary gem" โ€“ Clement Semmler, Sydney Morning Herald

"There are few documentaries I've ever seen that can equal
LEMPAD OF BALI's depth, symbolism and lyricism." โ€“ Joe Quiriro, AsiaWeek

"The most accessible, thorough commentary on Balinese life to date." - Made Wijiya, Bali Post (English edition)