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WHAT I WROTE - Staging a Play

Year: 2010

Classification: PG

Runtime: 30 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Catherine Gough-Brady

Produced By: Catherine Gough-Brady

Language: English

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Five awarding-winning playwrights talk about the staging of their plays. They talk frankly about how a work changes from the page to the stage, and the flurry of re-writing which occurs with a new play during the rehearsal period. They take us on the journey of the play from the first reading through to the opening night. They speak about the role of the actors, the director and the audience.


  • Matt Cameron [6:37]
  • Louis Nowra [4:34]
  • Debra Oswald [6:07]
  • Hannie Rayson [6:57]
  • David Williamson [6:19]