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FOR LOVE OR MONEY: A pictorial history of women and work in Australia (book)

Classification: G

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By Megan McMurchy, Margot Oliver
and Jeni Thornley
Penguin Books 1983
Paperback (large)
186 pages

A telling and passionate tribute to the unsung labors of Australian women, past and present. It presents two hundred years of Australian history through women's eyes, from the impact of colonisation on Aboriginal women to the challenges confronting women today.

For Love Or Money documents not only the work women have done in the workplace - the factory, the shop, the office, the hospital the school, but also all the work of caring - as mothers, wives, volunteer workers and in many other unpaid occupations.

Supporting the author's incisive analysis is a rich collection of documentary material, including photographs, posters, newspaper articles as well as letters, diaries, novels, pamphlets, speeches, interviews and interviews never before published.

"A tribute to women who have struggled so valiantly ... in their fight for equal opportunities.' - Australasian Post.

"A valuable reference book ... of particular interest to he enlargement of the concept of 'pioneer women' to include the rights of aboriginal women.' - Canberra Times.

"Informative and thoroughly researched." - Sunday Sun (Brisbane).

FOR LOVE OR MONEY is a companion work to the film of the same name, also available on DVD from Ronin Films -

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