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MY REMBETIKA BLUES (English version)

Year: 2021

Classification: Exempt - Ronin Recommends: G

Runtime: 83 min

Produced In: Australia, Greece

Directed By: M. Zournazi

Produced By: Tom Zubrycki

Language: English and Greek with English subtitles

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NOTE: The streaming file available on Vimeo-on-Demand through the link on this page is the English version (with English subtitles for Greek dialogue).


Rembetika music or the Greek blues is a music born of exile and the streets. Developing its roots from the mass migration of people in the early twentieth century, filmmaker M. Zournazi traces the journey of her forebears from Smyrna in Turkey to Sydney Australia but discovers more than family history, she finds out how music connects people during times of struggle and crises.

The film explores how through its rawness and unique style, Rembetika music provides one of the world's foremost musical accounts of migrant experience and urban blues. By weaving together different stories and interviews, the film looks at the legacies of history and migration, and how music can connect people in times of struggle and in times of need. It explores the revival of Rembetika today, and how it continues to convey everyday life and experience through the fusion of street music, hip-hop, and other influences such as Byzantine music and the Blues.

The film documents memories and experiences that are often left out of the chronicles of history. It is a universal story about love, life and music.


For a streaming file of the Greek language version see

Written, directed & filmed by M. Zournazi
Produced by Tom Zubrycki
Editors - Peter Crombie, Sam Zubrycki
Original Musical Score by K. BHTA

The Compania:
Evelina Agelou, Michalis Dimas, Gail Holst, Nikolas Kodoyanis, Crystal Clyne ("Lady Lash"), Mastrosavas, Kevin Wassun ("Negros Tou Moria"), Jina Politi, Fr Romanos, Jim Sclavunos, Jorgos Skambordonis, Karolos Tsakirian, Veanous Tsakirian, Stelios Vamvakaris.


Festival Screenings (August 2022):

Los Angeles Greek Film Festival
San Francisco Greek Film Festival
Nevada Women's Film Festival
World Fest Houston international Film Festival
Melbourne Documentary Film Festival
Toronto Greek Film Festival
Parma International Music Film Festival, Italy
International Film and Television Festival SIMFEST, Romania
EATSA Art & Tourism Film Festival, Portugal
World of Film International Film Festival Glasgow
Houston Greek Film Festival
German International Ethnographic Film Festival
Malta Film Festival
Williamsburg Film and Music Festival
Nova Film and Music Film Festival, North Virginia
Universe Multicultural Film Festival, US
Greek Premiere -Greek National Archive, Athens


Winner: Gold Remi Documentary Award from World Fest Houston international Film Festival
Excellence in Film Making Spotlight Film Awards
Platinum Award Women's International Film Awards
Best Documentary - Feature Film Competition – World of Film International Film Festival Glasgow
Runner-up: Best Documentary Film Williamsburg Film and Music Festival
Winner! Best of Festival, Docs without Borders Film Festival 2022
MADA (Making A Difference Award) Honourable Mention Commffest Global Film and Art Festival Toronto


Best Director World Music and Independent Film Festival 2021
Best Documentary Los Angeles Greek Film Festival 2021
Best Documentary San Francisco Greek Film Festival 2021
Best Documentary Nevada Women's Film Festival 2021
Best Documentary Melbourne Documentary Film Festival 2021
FINALIST- Best Documentary category, ATOM Awards, 2022.