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Year: 1972

Classification: Exempt - Ronin Recommends: G

Runtime: 60 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Michael Edols

Produced By: Michael Edols

Language: Indigenous languages with English subtitles

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Only available in the ASPECTS OF A LIFE collection.

Lalai Dreamtime takes the viewer into pre-settled Australia to show a myth from the spiritual tradition of the people. It is the story of Namarali, as presented by Sam Woolagoodja to his son Stanley and his granddaughter Kerry. Namarali is the law-giving 'Wandjina' of the Worora people who, along with him, have many other such Wandjinas. The 'Wandjinas' are ancient creators whose presence is real in the painted imprints of cave walls and in the shape of specific land formations. The film shows the importance of the Dreamtime in the Aboriginal culture.

Only available in the ASPECTS OF A LIFE collection - follow this link for purchase of this title -

" ... fascinating for anyone interested in cinema, Aboriginal culture and basically, humanity." - Andrew Urban

  • WINNER! Bronze Award - BEST DOCUMENTARY, 1976 AFI Awards
  • WINNER! Rouben Mamoulian Award 'For the Most Distinguished Australian Film as the BEST FINALIST of the GREATER UNION AWARDS - Sydney Film Festival
  • WINNER! Silver Boomerang Award "For a significant contribution to film and the indigenous couture" - Melbourne Film Festival
  • Critical acclaim by the German and foreign journalists - Berlin Film Festival


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