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Ronin Films

First Nations


Year: 2008

Classification: PG

Runtime: 66 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Rolf De Heer

Produced By: Molly Reynolds, Rolf De Heer

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In the wake of the international success of TEN CANOES, Rolf de Heer has collaborated again with the Ramingining community of north Arnhem Land in making this series of twelve short documentaries that together paint a visual and audio portrait of the people, history, culture and place of the Yolngu people.

"We live in Arnhem Land, in Northern Territory of Australia. For a long time our people been wanting to show our culture to the world. We made that film, TEN CANOES. That was really the beginning of it.

"So now here is our culture, our place, our history .... here is 12 CANOES. Different stories, 12 of them ... Creation, and First White Men, all different parts of our history ... The Swamp, and The Seasons, and Plants and Animals, all about where we live ... Kinship and Language and Nowadays, how we live today. And more than that.

"Everything put together is one story. It is us, like a painting of our story".

Produced in collaboration with Molly Reynolds, Marshall Heald and the Ramingining community of north Arnhem Land.

  • 2009 ATOM award-winner - Best Indigenous Resource

2 DVD SET: 12 CANOES [66 mins] + DVD of EXTRAS

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