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Year: 1994

Classification: G

Runtime: 54 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: John Lind

Produced By: John Lind

Language: English

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BEYOND THE DREAMTIME is a film of visual beauty, bringing to life the haunting imagery of dozens of Ainslie Roberts' major works, weaving them into the artist's personal life and illuminating his love of the land.

Ainslie Roberts has done more than many other white artists to bring the enchanting richness and awesome power of the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime to universal attention.

His vibrant surrealist images not only delight and intrigue viewers; they lead deep into one of the world's most ancient cultures and beyond, deep into ourselves.

A million copies of the 'Dreamtime' book series have sold in Australia alone - a publishing phenomenon! Why? Because his potent imagery bridges cultural gulfs, touches the ancient wisdom within each of us and arouses a sense of sacredness in all things.

Voice of the Mother Goddess – Justine Saunders

Produced and directed by John Lind
Cinematographer – Paul Warren
Editor – Philip McGuire
Sound designer – David Lourie
Original music composed by Toivo Pilt


  • Winner of two major awards at the Chicago International Television Festival.

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