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Year: 1990

Classification: PG

Runtime: 113 min

Produced In: USA

Directed By: Marie Ferris

Produced By: Mark Kitchell

Language: English

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The 1960s alumni of the Berkeley campus tell their stories about how the quiet school became the site of massive political activism on the part of students fighting for their right of political expression on campus and then against the Vietnam War.

Nominated for an Academy Award in the Documentary category, BERKELEY IN THE SIXTIES chronicles the reality of life in Berkeley, California, during the turbulent years of the rise and fall of the US student protest movement, from free speech to the Peace Movement and counter-culture and on to the start of the Women's Movement.

Featuring Bobby Seale, Martin Luther King, Allen Ginsberg, Ronald Reagan, Joan Baez and the Grateful Dead.

A film by Mark Kitchell.

"A REAL TRIUMPH! ABSORBING AND PROVOCATIVE. A valuable attempt to put the events of that decade into perspective." - Village Voice.

"A POTENT BLAST FROM THE PAST ... sweeping and event-filled ... a lively chronicle." - New York Times.

"STARTLING ... STRIKINGLY IMMEDIATE FOOTAGE ... well sequenced ... highly informative." - Variety.

"THIS REALLY IS THE SIXTIES ... a vivid sense of history." - Los Angeles Times.

  • ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE! Best Documentary

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