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22 February 2024

NEW UPGRADED FILE! A remarkable historical document by filmmakers, the late John Tristram and I. James Wilson.

Namatjira's life and stature as an artist reflect changing attitudes of Australian society in the 20th century. During his lifetime (1902-1959) he was a pivotal figure in some of the dramatic changes wrought between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

The film has live footage and a collection of re-creations of periods of Namatjira's life, newsreel excerpts and archival footage. It details a number of his paintings. Interviews with Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri reveal he painted with Namatjira at a very early stage at Glen Helen. Sir William Dargie relates a personal account of the time when Namatjira sat for the Archibald Prize-winning portrait. The film offers a sensitive, detailed record and analysis of Albert Namatjira.

Available on DVD, as a digital file for screenings, and on Vimeo-on-Demand. For details see:

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