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Year: 1996

Classification: G

Runtime: 55 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Hilary Furlong

Produced By: Hilary Furlong

Language: English

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THE GOLDEN CORD tells the story of a unique cross-cultural friendship.

Ten women artists from Utopia, a remote Aboriginal community in central Australia, were invited to Brahma Tirta Sari, a leading batik studio in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Utopia women were already skilled batik artists. However, this visit enabled the practice of new techniques and the chance to prepare for a major exhibition.

In turn, their Javanese hosts, Agus Ismoyo and his US-born wife, Nia Fliam, came to the central Australian desert where the Utopia women showed them their country, the source of their physical sustenance and the meaning of their lives.

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