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BLISS - now available on Vimeo-on-Demand

4 January 2024

"BLISS is a key film in the story of Australian movies. ... When the film won the AFI Awards for Best Picture, Best Direction and Best Adapted Screenplay for 1985, it became an art-house hit. ... (It is) a completely original kind of Australian comedy, with a surreal and sardonic sense of humour ... gleefully vulgar but sophisticated, irreverent and yet full of poignancy." – Paul Byrnes, Australian Screen Online

Directed by Ray Lawrence from the novel by Peter Carey. Starring Barry Otto, Lynette Curran and Helen Jones. Produced by Anthony Buckley.

See BLISS now on DVD from Ronin Films, or on Vimeo-on-Demand. Visit the Ronin website for DVD orders and for a direct link to the Vimeo-on-Demand site:

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