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BEDEVIL - a hidden gem?

2 January 2024

British film critic, Ben Nicholson, has contributed Tracey Moffatt's BEDEVIL to Sight & Sound's list of "101 Hidden Gems: the greatest films you've never seen" (5 December 2023). He makes the following comment:

"The first feature film directed by an Australian Aboriginal woman, this anthology of ghost stories is modelled partly on Kobayashi Masaki's 1965 film Kwaidan. From the tale of an American GI who drowned in a swamp during World War II to a haunted railroad somewhere in the Outback, these are weird, eerie tales tied to place and the land. Formally inventive in its layering of history and incorporating the use of vivid theatrical studio sets that recurred in Moffatt's wider artistic practice, it has a unique atmosphere that only serves to emphasise its focus on female and other marginalised voices".

It might be hard to see in the UK, but we're proud to have distributed BEDEVIL in Australia since it was completed more than 30 years ago. It's still very active, and has just been re-acquired by NITV for broadcast.

To order a DVD or to link to streaming on Vimeo-on-Demand, see Ronin's website:

It's also available as a DCP or as a 1080p digital file for screenings. Contact Ronin on to discuss details.

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