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Ronin Films


Claire Harris

Claire Harris producer credits include Risking It All 4 x 26 minute cross-platform documentary series (2008 SBS TV), What the Future Sounded Like (2007 did Matt Bate ABC TV), Hearing James (2005 dir Cath Moore SBS TV), Lure (2009 dir Sean Riley).

Claire was associate producer on Love Lust and Lies (2010 dir Gillian Armstrong 1 x 87 mins ABC TV) and production manager on Race to London (2012 6 x 26 mins documentary series ABC TV).

Claire's background is in visual arts, social anthropology and film publicity; she worked in the UK and Australia in cinema exhibition and marketing. Claire established Porthmeor Productions in 2005 to develop documentaries and formed Rivet Pictures in 2012 to co-produce projects with Julia de Roeper.



Adelaide-born actress and elocutionist Muriel Matters has been neglected by mainstream history, but in the early 1900s was a pivotal figure in the fight for women’s rights in Britain and was renowned for her daring escapades to draw attention to the cause...