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Annie Stiven

Annie Stiven and Les McLaren have spent 15 years in PNG since the early 1970s, working in government cultural institutions, and on independent film projects about culture and change. They both speak and read tok pisin (Melanesian Pidgin) fluently.

They have written, produced and directed five documentaries which have been invited to international festivals including nominations for Best Film at Cinema du Reel in Paris and Golden Gate in San Francisco. They have been invited to present films at festivals in Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, New York, and Hawaii.

Cowboy and Maria In Town was awarded Best Documentary at Dendy Awards, Sydney Film Festival, also nominated for Best Documentary AFI, Australian Human Rights Award, ATOM Awards, and in International Festivals. Pikizjaa was also nominated for the Dendy Awards Best Documentary. Taking Pictures, about documentary filmmakers in PNG, has screened widely and continues to sell internationally.

Annie has over 20 years experience in the film and television industry including research and writing for the PBS America series 'Fire on the Rim'. She has trained as an anthropologist, and has researched several projects relating to Pacific including the Life & Times of John Kolia, Cane-a Fijian Story, and the feature film Tukana



Cowboy is a reformed 'raskol'. Unemployed, illiterate and with a jail record, he invents an electric guitar out of scrap materials and plays his distinctive rock 'n' roll on street corners, earning just enough for his family to get by...


TAKING PICTURES is a thoughtful look at the way Western cameras have represented the lives of Papua New Guineans. Before the 1970s, the Commonwealth Film Unit represented the people of PNG in a paternalistic way, as curiosities...


A quirky and moving portrait by outsiders, exploring what it is to be French in the 21st century. Frédéric, a former high school rebel, ethnomusicologist, and multinational executive, returns from decades abroad, to a France that is both familiar and on edge...