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David Lavellee

Producer/Director David Lavallee wears a great many different hats. He is a former school teacher, a hiking guide, and a grad student in psychology. More recently, he has become a documentary film producer and host. But above all he is a concerned citizen.

In late 2006, in response to what he saw as a lack of action on the part of society in response to climate change and responsible water management, he conceptualized the documentary film 'White Water, Black Gold".

In 2008, he appeared in a Much Music documentary with the rock band SUM 41 and Much Music VJ Hannah Simone.

David is a graduate of the Gulf Islands Film and Television School and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology's Producer Emergence Program.

He lives in Nelson, B.C., where the powder is deep and the mountains are high.



The DVD has both the 57 minute and 83 minute version of the feature WHITE WATER, BLACK GOLD. _____________________________ WHITE WATER, BLACK GOLD is a riveting, multi-award-winning Canadian documentary by indie filmmaker, David Lavellee, about the controversies surrounding the Alberta Tar Sands in western Canada...