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Sarah Wishart

Sarah worked with Closer Productions as an associate, co-producing "Beyond Beliefs", a one hour doco about the relationship between Muslim and Non-Muslim's in Australia as seen through the eyes of four Australians. Sarah has experience producing and directing documentaries. Her credits as producer include two series of short documentaries, "Blokes and Sheds" and "My Voice", for SBS television. She has co-produced and co-directed an online interactive documentary series about young mothers (, and a series of documentaries in Sierra Leone for Save the Children titled "But We Are Strong".

She recently produced the documentary "Casualties of War" with Rebbecca Summerton, directed by Jeni Lee for ABC's JTV docs.



BUT WE ARE STRONG tells the untold stories of five young women who survived Sierra Leone’s civil war. This documentary series highlights these young women’s strength and their resilience to the horror and atrocities that took place in their home...