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Peter Du Cane

Born in South Africa to an Australian mother and half-British half-French father, Du Cane was brought up in Sierra Leone in West Africa and educated in the UK. He has an MA from Cambridge University, England in Chinese and American History (Tang Dynasty and Race Relations in American Law and Social Thought). He made his first documentary in war-torn Cambodia in 1973. In 1983 he established Wildfilm Australia, quickly becoming one of the most prolific documentary filmmakers in Australia. He has worked on more than 40 major productions made for, or sold to, many of the world's major broadcasters including the ABC (Australia), A&E History, ARTE, BBC, Discovery Channels, National Geographic, NHK, PBS, RAI, SBS (Australia) and ZDF. In the process he has won over 30 international awards for excellence including Gold and Silver at both the New York and Chicago Festivals and the Chris Award in Columbus. His films have screened in over 180 territories worldwide, including all the major markets. Recent highlights include the documentary series Puyi- The Last Emperor of China, The Roo Gully Diaries, China from Within and Playing the Game. In 2001 he was honoured with the inaugural Screen Producers Association of Australia Award for 'Independent Producer of the Year, Documentary'.

Production History:
The Roo Gully Diaries (6 part Series) (2005)
Role: Exec Producer, Producer, Director, Writer. Co-Pro Roo Gully Prdns.

China from Within (6 part Series) (2004)
Role: Producer, Director, Writer. LIC Australia.

Fearless - Stories from Asian Women (4 part Series) (2002)
Role: Producer, Director, Writer. MASK Prdns. & Film Australia

Shipwreck Detectives (Series One, Eps 1 & 3) (2001)
Role: Director, Writer. Prospero Prdns.

Playing the Game (3 part Series) (2000)
Role: Exec Producer, Producer, Director, Writer. Co-pro Electric Pictures

Big Brother of Christmas Island (1999)
Role: Producer, Writer. Co-Pro Film Australia.

Hutan - Wildlife of the Malaysian Rainforest (6 part Series) (1998)
Role: Supervising Director, Writer. Prospero Prdns.

The Last of the Nomads (1997)
Exec Prod, Producer, Writer. Co-Pro MASK Prdns.

The Human Race (1996)
Role: Producer, Director, Writer.



THE LAST OF THE NOMADS tells the moving story of Warri and Yatungka, the last of the Mandildjara people to be living a traditional nomadic lifestyle in the remote Gibson Desert of central Australia...