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Ronin Films


Masako Sakata

1948 Born in Nagano, Japan.
1965-66 Studied at Camden Rockport High School, Maine as an American Field Service exchange student.
1967 Graduated from Nagano Nishi High School.
1972 Graduated from Kyoto University with bachelor's degree in literature.
1973-1974 Worked as announcer at All Kansai Cable Television, reporting news and weather.
1976 Employed at photo agency Imperial Press in Tokyo.
1995 Became president of Imperial Press.
1998 Founded photo agency IPJ as president.
2003 Lost husband of 33 years, Greg Davis.
Oct 2003 Took a course at Workshops in Rockport, Maine in film making.
July 2004 Went to Vietnam to start filming victims of Agent Orange.
Dec 2004 Returned to Vietnam to do more filming.
2007 Completed film "Agent Orange - a personal requiem".
Aug 2006 Became director of photo agency Amanaimages Inc.
Aug 2007 Invited to Graduate School of Journalism at University of California, Berkeley, as visiting scholar for one year, to study new media, film and international reporting.



AGENT ORANGE is one woman's personal journey through Vietnam to try to understand the ravages caused by chemicals in the Vietnam War, and to come to terms with her husband's premature death...