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John Hughes

John Hughes is an Australian independent producer, writer and director in documentary and drama. His creative practice traverses film, television, gallery installation and video art.

Recent credits as producer and director of broadcast documentaries include Love & Fury (ABC, 2013, 2014), Indonesia Calling (ABC, 90 minutes, 2009), The Archive Project (ABC, 2006 98 minutes).

Among industry and critical awards he is the recipient of the Stanley Hawes Award (2006), Joan Long Award, achievement in film history (2006), Australian Writer's Guild Best Broadcast Documentary (2010), NSW Premier's History Prize (audio-visual) 2007, Critics Circle Best Feature Documentary (2006).

Hughes produced and directed several series of TV 'micro-docs' with Betty Churcher (Take 5 and Hidden Treasures 2000-2008) and films for SBS and ABC TV (The Art of War; 2005; An Unstoppable Force 2008).

Hughes was Commissioning Editor, Documentary with SBS Independent (1998-2001).

He was elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities in 2017.

The Films of John Hughes: a history of independent screen production in Australia (Cumming, 2014) is published by ATOM.




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