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Ronin Films


Jeni Lee

Jeni shoots and directs documentary films with a focus on social justice,multiplatform media and community engagement.

She made Casualties of War with an Australian Special Forces soldier for the ABC and produced Barefoot in Ethiopia, which follows a gutsy young brother sister team to Ethiopia where they have built a health clinic in the desert. In Sierra Leone, she co-directed But We are Strong with resilient young women abducted by rebel forces and forced to become sex slaves and front line fighters. It's No Circus in Cambodia follows 'Australia's dodgiest circus' as their European tour gets waylaid teaching circus skills to street kids. Her film, Magic Harvest premiered at the 2011 BAFF. She is a filmmaker in residence on the acclaimed web documentary series Big Stories Small Towns.



BUT WE ARE STRONG tells the untold stories of five young women who survived Sierra Leone’s civil war. This documentary series highlights these young women’s strength and their resilience to the horror and atrocities that took place in their home...


All over the world, new suburbs are being built on good agricultural soil. Global warming and suburban sprawl are causing water supply problems and a decline in soil nutrients...