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Gary Kildea

Gary Kildea was born in 1948 in Sydney and has worked professionally with film since 1965. He belongs to the generation of Australian filmmakers (like Ian Dunlop, Dennis O'Rourke, Bob Connolly, Robin Anderson), who inspired each other and worked closely together on numerous projects.

Gary Kildea is a teacher at the Ethnographic Film Unit of the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, Canberra. Gary worked extensively in Papua New Guinea.

Bugla Yunggu (1972)
Bilong Living Bilong Ol (1973)
Trobriand Cricket (1974)
Where Do We Go From Here? (1976)
Ileksen (1978)
Celso and Cora (1983)
Valencia Diary (1992)
Man Of Strings (1998)
Koriam's Law (2005)


CELSO AND CORA - A Manila Story »

Cora and Celso make a living selling cigarettes at night outside a downtown hotel in defiance of City regulations. The film follows their lives over a three-month period, beginning with Cora's attempt to find a new room for the family after they have been evicted from their previous home...


A multi-award winning film, TROBRIAND CRICKET is a fascinating document about cultural creativity among the people of the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea...


A portrait of the life and work of Czech-born violinist, Jan Sedivka, a charismatic musician who was one of the foremost violinists and string teachers in Australia...


Valencia Diary is the chronicle of a Southern Philippine village at a time when daily life was charged with tension at the impending collapse of the Marcos regime...


Koriam’s Law is an award-winning documentary about a culture’s need to control the ideas that define it. This award-winning documentary by one of the key figures in international ethnographic film, focusses specifically on the rites and understandings of a popular religious and social movement in Papua New Guinea...