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Gadrian Jarwijalmar Hoosan

"I am a Garrwa man who lives in the township of Borroloola on Yanyuwa country, in the Gulf of Carpentaria in northern Australia.

"At the age of twelve I had my first experience with the filmmaking process, appearing in the 1988 documentary, Buwarrala Agarriya, Journey East.

"I've been active in the music scene in my home town of Borroloola, forming the band, Sandridge Band in the early 2000s.

"I've collaborated on a number of documentaries including We Paint We Belong and Water is Life.

"Buwarrala Aryah is my first foray into film direction. Following the inspiration of a group in which I'm active, the Borroloola Men's Group, the idea to re-enact the traditional cultural walk took hold in the early 2010s. The aim of the film is to bring the cultural connection of the traditional peoples – the Garrwa, Yanyuwa, Mara and Gurdanji - to the world."

- Gadrian Jarwijalmar Hoosan, 2019



Growing concern among young Aboriginal community leaders, particularly those in the Borroloola Men's Group, drew them to the idea of re-enacting a walk that hadn't occurred for almost thirty years...