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David Noakes

David Noakes is an executive producer and producer for television and feature films within SeeView Pictures Pty Ltd as well as film consultant.

His first film as co-producer and co-director was Wagerup Weekend, a 47-minute documentary which follows the occupation by protesters of a Bauxite mine in the Darling Ranges in Western Australia. Other documentaries since then have included: Milliya Rumarra/Brand New Day (1983, 50 mins), How the West was Lost (1985, 55 mins), which was nominated for five AFI Awards, Extinct, But Going Home (1988, 48 mins), 3 & 1 - Three Weeks On; One Week Off (1990, 30 mins), Bigger Than Texas (1992, 50 mins) and Battleships (1999, 4 x 52 mins). In the Shadow of the Shark (1999, 3 x 52 mins), was a co-production with National Geographic, Telcast and Network 7 Australia, and follows the remarkable lives of underwater filmmakers and photographers Ron and Valerie Taylor. His latest project was The Trouble with Merle, a one-hour television documentary on the mysterious origins of 1930s Hollywood star, Merle Oberon.

From 1978 to 1983 David worked for various film agencies, including the Perth Institute of Film & Television, the Sydney Filmmakers Co-operative and as a tutor in film history at the Western Australian Institute of Technology. Since then, he has worked at the Australian Film Commission as Senior Project Manager - Creative Development Fund, and as Investment Manager at the Australian Film Finance Corporation, in the documentary area as well as in features and TV drama.



On 1 May 1946, 800 Aboriginal station workers walked off sheep stations in the north-west of Western Australia, marking the beginning of a carefully organised strike that was to last for at least three years, but never officially ended...