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Michel Daeron

Michel Daëron, born in Paris in October 1957 (his father comes from France and his mother from the Antilles), got his degree at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Grenoble in 1981, his master of economics and his certificate as chief-cameraman of Crear-Ceris in 1985. In 1989 he shot his first documentary feature describing the fight of the kanakees in New Caledonia for the independance from France. Since then he has shot many documentary features dealing with historical subjects, among them Moruroa, the great secret of the french nuclear test at Tahiti and La Chaconne d'Auschwitz dealing with the music at the death camps.

Documentary features by Michel Daëron
LA CHACONNE D'AUSCHWITZ, 1999, 105 min., super-16, coproduction with – France 3, Filao Films, Les Films D'Ici, Scarabée Films, Image Création – HBO participating.
12 women surviving the Auschwitz-camp reminding their daily life as members of the camp's orchester between music and extermination.

Prix du Jeune Public à Visions du Réel, Nyons 1999 - Prix des Yeux d'or, Rueil Malmaison 1999 - Prix du Meilleur Film Documentaire, Maremma, Italie 1999 – 2ème Prix Alsace-Europe 2000 - Médaille de bronze à HBO, Colombus International Film Festival 2000 - Nominee for the European Film Awards, Berlin 99 - 7 d'or, Paris 1999.
LES TONDUES DE LA LIBERATION, 1994, 52 min., coproduction with Planète–Point du Jour.
August 1944, France is liberated and overwhelmed of joy and dives for ... women. In the country as well as in town: thousands of women are misused.
MORUROA, LE GRAND SECRET, 1993, 74 min., super-16, coproduction with Point du Jour–La Sept/Arte.
According to military information, the Moruroa-atoll, where more than 200 nuclear tests have been performed, is not dangerous for its inhabitants. But the physical condition of the Tahitians who have been working on the site, speak another language.

Nominee Prix Italia 1993 - FIPA 1994 - Festival of Venice 1995 - European Prize for Television/Ökomedia - Film Festival 1994 Fribourg - Grand Prix Roubaix 1995.
CONTRE-JOUR DE SIBERIE, 1992, 58 min., 35 mm, coproduction with Profilma - Credoaspec, France 3, Planète, RTBF, TVR (Moscow).
Portrait of Vladimir Ablamsky, russian photographer deported to Siberia for 20 years, who secretely, makes cobbles together a camera to film inside the Goulag...

Nominee for FIPA 1993 – Lisbon - Munich 1993 - 5 best films SCAM 1993 - Filmfestival Amsterdam 1994.
LUNE D'AVRIL SUR CANALA, 1989, 52 min., 16 mm, coproduction with ABC (Sydney) et Michel Daëron with participation of Point du Jour. Diffused on ABC, Planète Câble, TV5.
Three Kanaks, fighters for independence from Canala (New Caledinia), have to deal with old ethnic problems.

Nominee for the Filmfestival in Amiens 1990.



The Auschwitz Orchestra had over 40 members, all Jewish women, all escaping death in the gas chambers because of their musical ability...

UNFORGOTTEN ISLANDS (Chagos Ou la Memoire des Iles) »

The Chagossians used to live in the Chagos Archipelago, under British rule, in the Indian Ocean. Between 1967 and 1973, the British government progressively evicted the islander population from their homelands to allow the United States to build a huge military base on Diego Garcia, the largest of the islands...