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Year: 1994

Classification: G

Runtime: 11 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Lisa Matthews

Produced By: Lisa Matthews

Language: English

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While researching a book on the Harbour Bridge, author-historian Lenore Coltheart discovered several brief, but intriguing references to a Rosie Foster. Yet nowhere in the official records was her contribution - or even her existence - acknowledged.

Through interviews with film and culture commentator Phillip Adams, feminist Dale Spencer and witnesses and journalists present at the opening, filmmaker Lisa Matthews exposes Foster's omission from the history books and explores the mythical process of history making.

With Rosie's rediscovery, a far more controversial story emerges concerning the writing of Australia's history. Is it history of 'mythhistory'?

ROSIE'S SECRET is an intriguing story based on fiction.

"Like so many other women, she was airbrushed out of the history books." - Phillip Adams.

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