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Year: 2006

Classification: M

Runtime: 104 min

Produced In: Australia

Directed By: Davor Dirlic

Produced By: Lizzette Atkins

Language: English

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A two part documentary series - DO NOT RESUSCITATE is a film about three very different people, Steve, Mary and Judy, who want the right to choose when and how to die. We follow them over 18 months on their quest.

In Australia, assisting them to die is illegal and carries a 14 year jail sentence, despite the fact that 73% of Australians support euthanasia. But the prospect of dying a long and painful death drives them to go to extraordinary lengths to get access to the means to choose their own kind of death. This series is a profound exploration of how they and their loved ones deal with the stark reality of their impending death and the obstacles they face.

As Steve, Mary and Judy challenge the status quo, the laws governing euthanasia in Australia are put to the test.

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